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XML DB Events : Reading an Open Office XML document (.xlsx)

January 28, 2012 5 comments

This post is actually an offshoot of a recent article by Marco Gralike on his blog. Marco describes how to automatically read an Open Office XML (OOX) document, specifically docx format, and store the data in a database table for subsequent queries.
One of the key features is the definition of XML DB Events handlers that will “unzip” the archive for us whenever we drop it in the repository.

The funny thing is that, in the meantime, I had already begun to work on the xlsx version, including my own unzip utility. Marco’s example is using Anton Scheffer’s great zip/unzip package which, although based on the same extraction technique, is much more complete than mine.

Installation script and package for my demo are available here :
I’ll explain some of the steps below in detail.
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