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XMLTABLE vs. External XSLT preprocessor

September 16, 2013 2 comments

We all know – I hope ;) – about XMLTABLE function to shred an XML document into relational rows and columns. In this article, I will describe an alternative approach to achieve the same result with an external table and the preprocessor feature.
And in case you wonder, no, it’s not one of this attempt to implement an XML parser using SQL*Loader syntax, something we can see from time to time as an answer to “How can I load my XML file using SQL*Loader?”.
This method relies on the external table preprocessor to transform the input XML file into CSV format and pipe the result to the loader.


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September 9, 2013 Leave a comment

This is a short article about the new 12c RETURNING SEQUENCE BY REF feature available with XMLTable function.
This clause allows us to access the complete tree of nodes produced by the main XQuery expression. In particular, we can now use reverse axes in the COLUMNS PATH expression.
Below is an example using this method, compared with prior releases’ techniques to achieve the same result (all queries tested on


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