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Yet Another XML Flattening Technique

March 27, 2016 5 comments

As a follow-up to my previous post introducing XMLNest function, here’s now its “inverse” (to borrow from maths terminology) : XMLFlattenDOM, a PL/SQL DOM-based pipelined function.

We’ll see in the last part how this approach compares to the others described earlier :


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Hierarchical XML Aggregation : the XMLNest function

March 10, 2016 Leave a comment

I’ve been away a few months but here’s a new post :)

I’ll be presenting here another approach for generating a hierarchical XML structure, besides the three ones already explained in a previous post, which were, as a reminder :

  • DBMS_XMLGEN.newContextFromHierarchy()
  • XSLT
  • Recursive XQuery function

This new approach is based on a user-defined aggregate function – called XMLNest – and therefore requires a few additional objects to make it work.


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