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PL/SQL Excel File Generator

I’ve done a lot with ExcelTable lately and achieved pretty much all I wanted to do.

Any ideas or enhancement requests are still welcome but I’ll now focus on a new “recreational” project : ExcelGen.

Yes… Excel stuff again 😛

There are already some PL/SQL tools out there, so nothing new under the sun really, but since I did ExcelTable, why not do the opposite : generate Excel files from relational data.

ExcelGen is a rework of unpublished code I made a while ago, with some enhancements of course.

The main goal is to generate Excel files out of SQL data sources, provided in the form of query strings or REF cursors.

I’ve implemented a styling framework but that will play a secondary role for now, as formatting options are only provided for table headers in this first version.

As usual, everything’s available on GitHub :


  1. Single query to sheet mapping, with header formatting : employees.xlsx
  2. declare
      sqlQuery   varchar2(32767) := 'select * from hr.employees';
      sheetName  varchar2(31 char) := 'Sheet1';
      ctxId      ExcelGen.ctxHandle;
      ctxId := ExcelGen.createContext();  
      ExcelGen.addSheetFromQuery(ctxId, sheetName, sqlQuery);
      , sheetName
      , p_style => ExcelGen.makeCellStyle(
                     p_ctxId => ctxId
                   , p_font  => ExcelGen.makeFont('Calibri',11,true)
                   , p_fill  => ExcelGen.makePatternFill('solid','LightGray')
      , p_frozen     => true
      , p_autoFilter => true
      ExcelGen.setDateFormat(ctxId, 'dd/mm/yyyy');
      ExcelGen.createFile(ctxId, 'TEST_DIR', 'employees.xlsx');


  3. Multiple queries, with table layout : dept_emp.xlsx
  4. declare
      ctxId      ExcelGen.ctxHandle;
      ctxId := ExcelGen.createContext();
      -- add dept sheet
      ExcelGen.addSheetFromQuery(ctxId, 'dept', 'select * from hr.departments');
      ExcelGen.setHeader(ctxId, 'dept', p_autoFilter => true);
      ExcelGen.setTableFormat(ctxId, 'dept', 'TableStyleLight2');
      -- add emp sheet
      ExcelGen.addSheetFromQuery(ctxId, 'emp', 'select * from hr.employees where salary >= :1 order by salary desc');
      ExcelGen.setBindVariable(ctxId, 'emp', '1', 7000);  
      ExcelGen.setHeader(ctxId, 'emp', p_autoFilter => true);
      ExcelGen.setTableFormat(ctxId, 'emp', 'TableStyleLight7');
      ExcelGen.setDateFormat(ctxId, 'dd/mm/yyyy');
      ExcelGen.createFile(ctxId, 'TEST_DIR', 'dept_emp.xlsx');


  5. Ref cursor paginated over multiple sheets : all_objects.xlsx
  6. declare
      rc         sys_refcursor;
      sheetName  varchar2(128) := 'sheet${PNUM}';
      ctxId      ExcelGen.ctxHandle;
      open rc for 
      select * from all_objects where owner = 'SYS';
      ctxId := ExcelGen.createContext();
        p_ctxId     => ctxId
      , p_sheetName => sheetName
      , p_rc        => rc
      , p_tabColor  => 'DeepPink'
      , p_paginate  => true
      , p_pageSize  => 10000
      , sheetName
      , p_style  => ExcelGen.makeCellStyle(ctxId, p_fill => ExcelGen.makePatternFill('solid','LightGray'))
      , p_frozen => true
      ExcelGen.createFile(ctxId, 'TEST_DIR', 'all_objects.xlsx');


Coming next

  • Support for password-encrypted files
  • XLSB file format
  • ODF file format


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  1. May 22, 2020 at 16:06

    Create stuff as always, Marc.

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