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(PL/SQL) CFBF File Reader

May 21, 2017 5 comments

In this post, I’ll be presenting a PL/SQL utility to read Compound File Binary Format (CFBF).
CFBF is originally a Microsoft proprietary format, which has now been published through the Open Specifications program.

In a nutshell, a CFBF file, or Compound Document File (CDF), is a container assembled like a FAT filesystem, which can be explored as a regular directory structure.

The purpose of the post is not to discuss about the format itself so I’ll let the reader browse the specs to get more familiar with it :

CFBF is the basis for various file formats used in Windows systems.
To cite a few, .MSI (Microsoft Windows Installer) and the well-known .DOC, .XLS, .PPT etc. from the Office 97-2003 Suite.

So, why am I interested in developing a CFBF PL/SQL reader?

  1. Because it’s fun
  2. Because password-encrypted Open Office XML files (.xlsx, .docx …) are stored in a CFBF container, and I thought it would be a good enhancement to my ExcelTable interface.

Source code available on GitHub :



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TreeBuilder – a PL/SQL graphical tree generator

February 26, 2017 Leave a comment

TreeBuilder computes the set of node coordinates necessary to represent a single-rooted tree in a graphical environment.
Node positioning is implemented using the improved version of Walker’s algorithm, published by Buchheim, Jünger and Leipert :

Tree data is exposed as a pipelined function.
The API also provides a constructor to visualize the tree as an SVG object.

Source code available on GitHub :



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PL/SQL RPN calculator – version 2

November 24, 2014 7 comments

This post presents a new version of my PL/SQL RPN calculator.
It now includes :

  • a regex-free tokenizer
  • a recursive-descent parser to validate the input expression
  • an improved evaluator based on a compiled “type-aware” RPN expression

Program and additional objects available here :

Update 2016-08-07 : RPN_UTIL_v2 is now deprecated.
Please download and use PLCalc instead.


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PL/SQL RPN calculator

February 3, 2013 3 comments

Some non-XML stuff for a change :)
This is something I’ve developed recently to evaluate stored expressions (formulas) using variables.
The “calculator” is written in PL/SQL and implements an RPN evaluation technique, as well as a method to convert infix expressions to RPN using the shunting-yard algorithm.
The evaluation function does not involve any dynamic SQL.

Program and additional objects available here :

Update 2014-11-24 – upgraded version available here :
PL/SQL RPN calculator – version 2


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